Monday, May 4, 2009

Acai berries for breakfast, how to lose weight

By James Liddle

Want to know a great way to improve mental and physical performance and control weight at the same time? A smoothie with pure dried acai berries first thing in the morning! Well after a shower and some time spent waking up first of course. Many people don?t have breakfast, and that is not good news. Eating a nutritious breakfast is one of the best ways to improve health and general well being.

Breakfast skippers tend to be heavier than non-breakfast skippers. Research shows that people who consume breakfast are leaner and maintain their weight compared to those who skip breakfast. If breakfast is skipped, metabolism slows down to conserve the little energy left from the overnight fast, which means that anything and everything consumed later in the day will be stored by the body. Eating breakfast with acai berries is one way to prevent this.

Kick-start metabolism by having a balanced and complete breakfast containing acai berries. Metabolism will become more efficient during the day, and it will prevent being so hungry that less healthy choices are made at the next meal. Get more out of the day and feel great as it will provide energy to function!

Also when breakfast is not eaten, cravings peak in the afternoon which may lead to poor nutrition choices. People that don?t eat breakfast also miss out on vitamins and minerals that they may have otherwise consumed in their breakfast meal with acai and can not make it up later in the day. Lack of breakfast leads to poor memory, concentration, ability to do work and much more.

So if skipping breakfast is a regular activity, or not eating complete and nutritious breakfast, energy and concentration is not at their peak during the day. Try an acai berry smoothie or a scoop of pure dried acai with yoghurt and/or cereal. If time is extra short in the mornings just throw a few scoops in a tub of yoghurt and mix it up. One serving will provide all the nutritious value of fibre, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and healthy unsaturated fats plus vitamins and minerals to help your body function.

An acai berry based breakfast provides all the nutrition and energy needed in a busy life!

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