Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alessi Anna G Corkscrews - More Than Just a Wine Bottle Opener!

By Axel W.

One of the joys of designers is taking a simple theme and producing a hundred variations on it. The Alessi corkscrew bottle opener catalog contains samples galore of that simple truth. There are designs to add elegance to the kitchen and some to create humor in the den. Wherever you open your wine, there is a style perfect for you.

You may be feel wise and scholarly in the library. The Alessi Socrates corkscrew is then your ideal choice. The substance is 18/10 stainless steel with a form by Morrison Jasper. Rest assured that this staple of the Alessi catalog is more than a mere utilitarian device, though. It is a work of art that will make you feel like a philosopher king.

In the den you may not want the servants to wait on you hand and foot. The Anna G. corkscrew is the next best thing. Made from chrome-plated zamak, this delightful design is the perfect wine opening assistant. Using it, you can be your own sommelier without feeling like part of the kitchen help.

Based on a statue erected in Bremen, Germany in 1996, the Anna G design was soon adapted to a wide array of objects. You'll be a hero to the person sharing a glass with you when you use this bottle opener.

Anna may get lonely. Consider mating her with the Alessi Alessandro M. corkscrew. Made from the same fine materials and produced in a variety of colors (red, blue, yellow, and mixed), this model will amuse even serious sommeliers.

Admit it. There are those days when you want to say Now you can let your corkscrew say it for you in the most elegant way. This outstanding design from the Alessi catalog is made of mirror-polished stainless steel topped with minimalist melamine plastic. You'll feel better the minute you start using it.

If that isn't enough, try imagining a trip to the tropics. Be sure to take along the Alessi Parrot corkscrew. Decorated in black or bright blue, it won't tell you when to open your bottle, but it will remind you of paradise all the same.

Consider the bright green Parrot corkscrew instead or go all out for the multi-colored Proust. It's better than taking along a fine novel on your vacation. This cast aluminum corkscrew will generate lots of dinner conversation all by itself.

The Alessi catalog also provides the ultimate in sophistication for your corkscrew choice: the Smoki Christiani. Describing it as made from shell-moulded cast aluminum makes it sound mundane. Don't be put off. One look will tell you this is not just a wine opening device. It is a work of art, one that will generate compliments on more than just your fine taste in wine.

Whether you need to lift your spirits, escape to a distant land, or just need to open a bottle of wine, select a corkscrew that fulfills all your needs. The Alessi bottle opener collection makes that easy. All you have to do is look...

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