Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feel Renewed with Minerals

By Bart Icles

Optimizing your health and improving your well being and resistance bring a lot of benefits. These days, a popular approach to better health and well being is through supplementing your diet with mineral drinks.

Trace minerals are important as they are needed in about 95% of our metabolic bodily functions. When one speaks of minerals, one can immediately relate them to rocks and oil. However, the only forms of minerals that our body can utilize are organic minerals derived from plants. Our body naturally produces some vitamins daily, depending on what food we eat. However, we cannot naturally produce minerals in our body, and this is why we need mineral supplements.

Organa Mineral Drink is an ionic suspension of more than 70 organic minerals extracted from plant sources in deposits of lignite. It is obtained from 100% plant material instead of humic shale which is only a percentage of plant material. Having at least 40% fulvic acid, Organa Mineral Drink is a good electrolyte energy replacement drink.

Minerals present in Organa Mineral Drink help develop a natural foundation for a conscious and sound nutritional plan. An independent study of 130 mineral drink supplements in the market showed that Organa Mineral Drink surpassed all the others when tested for Brownian movement. Brownian movement is a scientific indicator that is often correlated to life force or the ability of an item to support health or sustain life.

Ogana Mineral Drink is all natural - processed through a one of a kind method that retains full nutritional value without compromise. No chemicals or heat are used while the mineral water is filtered. This ensures that all enzymes and nutrient systems naturally found in plants remain intact. Organa Mineral Drink tastes great and one can drink it up right from the bottle. Moreover, it does not have a long aftertaste.

All these properties give Organa Mineral Drink a special place in promoting health through natural plant source mineral supplements. Have a fill of this blend of more than 70 minerals and at least 40% fulvic acid and feel renewed. A fluid ounce or two each day can help make you feel revitalized.

Go on, taste the difference. Organa Mineral drink is said to be the best tasting mineral drink in the market. Having been derived from 100% plant material, Organa Mineral Drink is indeed organic and all natural. Its full spectrum of minerals is essential in your daily nutritional needs. These minerals help increase your energy and improve your sense of well-being.

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