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Catskill MT Thunder Motorcycle Gathering 2008

By LJ James

Most of us know that when the first settlers came to America they where following a dream! What most do not know is that many of those dreams where inspired by paintings of the Catskill Mountains. At the beginning of this country's history artists where mesmerized by the beauty of these mountains and painted many pictures of them. These pictures where sent and sold all over the world and they had a large part in creating what later became know as the American dream.

Fast forward a few Hundred years to September 10Th - 14Th 2008 and now what draws hundreds of American Bikers every year to the Catskill Mountains is the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham and the Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Rally. This event which is a weekend get away for some and a week long party for others has just about everything a biker dreams of. Even though the Blackthorne Resorts grounds are huge, they do fill up fast and Bikers reserve there Cabins, RV sites or Camp sites up to a year in advance just to make sure there is room for them on the grounds. (There are plenty of other resorts in the area who welcome the Biker overflow from the Blackthorne) Me and my Brother Mopar Tom arrived on Thursday Night and the first thing We did was to check out what seemed like a hundred vendors, Who where selling every thing from Motorcycle T-Shirts to Custom Motorcycles.Then of course it was time to grab some drinks. First drink was at the Tikki Bar by the large in ground pool. The Second was at the Blackthorne's on premise full service bar. Not wanting to over do it on my first night there (I would save that for my second night) I called it an early night at around 2am and was off to get some sleep.

On Friday the fuse was lit and the weekend festivities got into full swing. I spent the entire day wandering around the Blackthorne checking out everything, drinking and partying with Hundreds of brand new and old friends. As the sun set and the Night began things just got even better! I watched Bikers take their Motorcycles up in the air and do Ariel Burn outs as I listened to the Music of Molly Hatchet LIVE !

The Nights at Blackthorne Run late and the Mornings come early! Some Choose to start their days off riding around the incredible Catskill Mountains, either in a group on a guided tour or by themselves with no destination at all. The roads in the Catskills go on forever and even after many years of riding them each trip still offers something new ! My favorite spot to ride to has been for many years Nicks Waterfall House in Gilboa, In my opinion no ride threw the Catskills is Complete with out a big burger and a cold beer at Nicks!

Others who don't wake till the afternoon can spend their day's at the Blackthorne checking out the vendors buying new Biker gear,Watching Rhett Rotten and his amazing vintage Wall of Death Motorcycle stunt show, Looking at the art work of Ron Finch,Placing their votes for their favorites in the Bike show, participating in the Bike games or enjoying a list of many other wickedly fun Biker activities. Saturday Night again offered Bikers more then they could handle plus Female Spaghetti Wrestling, Live Ultimate Fighting bouts, Lots more live music and plenty of late night partying. On Sunday some Bikers headed home while others hung around for another day of fun including a pig roast!

I have been a biker all my life. To this very day the bond of Brotherhood that is shared by bikers still stuns me. I'm not sure if the fact that the Blackthorne is a family resort every other week of the year has anything to do with it, But I found the feeling of Brotherhood and Family to be very strong at this event. When I can hangout and party with Bikers I have just met and feel like I have known them for Twenty years, It strongly reinforces all the reasons I love being a Biker!

I have intentionally left out a lot of great things about the Blackthorne and its Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Rally, The reason for this is because if you missed this event you do not deserve to know all its secrets until you have attended it for yourself !!! Check out and reserve your spot for next years party today!

I'll see you there! Your Bro L.J. James Radio Show

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