Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make Delicious Yet Simple Dinner with Simple Dinner Recipes

By Doug Schlette

Are you always short of time when planning to prepare a tasty and healthy dinner? If yes then the answer to your problem is: simple dinner recipes. Although some think that the best option in this situation is to eat out all the time, this is not the correct alternative. Not only does it affect your health, eating out is expensive as well. For this reason simple dinner recipes are available that can help you in preparing food in a pinch of time.

For experts it is not a difficult task to prepare a dinner but for those who are beginners or not-so-creative can also prepare delicious dinners with the help of simple dinner recipes. Simple dinner recipes are available for those who require some aid in preparing a dinner successfully.

Before going to the grocery store and buying dinner items, especially when you are short of time, take a look at what your freezer at home contains. It might hold an item which may be used for preparing a simple dinner dish. With the help of a simple dinner recipe for that particular item one can prepare a delicious and tasty dinner. For instance, if you have frozen chicken all you need to do is take it prepare a dish using a simple chicken recipe.

Numerous options are available for preparing simple dinners. Take tacos for instance. It is one of the easiest yet delicious recipes. For this recipe you need meat, ingredients for seasoning and toppings. Simply brown the meat, season it and serve it with topping. You can also add variety such as serve salsa, beans, cheese or cream along with tacos.

Another delicious, easy yet quick option is to have a burger or sandwich dinner night. For this you need bread or buns, meat, cheese and other items as per requirement. Simply add these items to the sandwich or burger and an instant meal is ready. You can also serve it with your favorite soup and salad.

Sea food is also another option and simple dinner recipes for seafood can be found easily. All you need is to grab a pack of frozen seafood from the grocery store and simply cook it at your home. For example, a packet of shrimps with about 40 shrimps requires only 5-10 minutes cooking in a boiling pot of water. You can add it to a pasta dish or serve it with a sauce and your instant meal is ready.

These were some of the options but the simple dinner recipes are uncountable and one can have numerous varieties. Given below is an easy yet quick simple dinner recipe for you. The ingredients required are:

1. Butter 2 T

2. Mushroom 2 C.

3. 1 lb of chicken breasts (cut into strips)

4. 1 can of cream of chicken soup

5. 1 medium onion (chopped)

6. 1 C of sour cream

7. 4 C of egg noodles

Cook chicken in 1 T of butter while in the remaining butter cook vegetables. Then stir these vegetables in sour cream and the soup and heat it until boiling. Now add chicken and thoroughly heat it. Serve it with noodles and Italian bread or salads.

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