Sunday, January 25, 2009

Your Coffee Made With The Press Will Be More Intense

By Cedric Ebengen

At one time, the coffee French Press brewer was very popular. Today, it's also called the coffee press. This press is simple to use and its characteristic is it brews a stronger cup of coffee compared to other types of brewers. The coffee press is a narrow container usually made from glass or hard plastic. There is a plunging device and a lid. The plungers are made to fit snugly in the press so that using its really thin wire or nylon mesh it will filter the coffee.

When you are ready to brew a cup, mix the coffee with the hot boiling water and allow it to brew for several minutes. After that time begin to press down on the plunger, which will separate the coffee grounds from the water pushing them to bottom of the press.

Rich Coffee Flavor Because the press is designed to mix the coffee grounds with the boiling hot water, your coffee made with the press will be more intense when compared to other coffee makers. Coffee brewed with a coffee press is thicker with more sediment than other coffee brewing methods.

Course Particles It's recommended that you don't let the coffee you've brewed in a press sit for a very long time. It is suggested that you drink it fairly soon so that the coffee will not acquire a bitter after taste. When using a coffee press always use a coarsely ground coffee. If you're grinding it yourself use a burr mill type of coffee grinder. This grinder will provide a more consistent coarseness than that of a whirling blade grinder. It is for that reason that you may want to invest in a high quality grinder such as burr grinder. These grinders always produce a far more consistent grind.

When I comes to grinders, the lower priced grinders will not provide you with uniform grinds. They typically grind the bean into different sized particles. To prevent sludge from occurring in your press use only coffee ground in a high quality grinder. When you're looking at filters for your coffee press, you will want to be able to know the difference between a nylon and a wire mesh. It could mean the difference between coffee flavor The difference is simple. The courser the grind the better a wire mesh can handle it.

If you are one of those coffee drinkers who insists on a fine grind then by all means get a nylon mesh filter. Be aware that you'll also have sludge at the bottom of the press each time however because a press is not designed for fine grinds. Also, if the coffee is too fine the press has a harder time brewing the coffee. Be certain that you're using filtered water. For a stronger coffee consider purchasing a coffee press.

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