Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Truth About Vacuum Sealers

By Hakeem Awadi

Rival is known for all sorts of exceptional kitchen appliances. One of its more popular offerings is its Rival seal a meal vacuum sealer. This is a well-made sealer that is simple to work with and is unexpectedly low priced. It can even be attached to your wall for your convenience. Here's some reasons why this Rival vacuum sealer is an excellent appliance to own and use.

The Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealer works effortlessly because the Seal-A-Meal utilizes a standard roll. 8x10 inch and 11x10 inch rolls are available. The rolls may be quickly attached onto the Rival seal a meal vacuum sealer through a quick and easy loading mechanism. This enables the rolls to be loaded correctly so that they can perform well. Quart sized bags may be installed in this sealer also.

Once the roll is fitted into the Seal-A-Meal, no further steps are needed. The machine can start working after the roll is fitted. The only thing the user needs to do is choose the temperature settings, lay the food atop a layer of sealing material and then start the device so that the food can be safely sealed in an air tight fashion.

The Seal-A-Meal can also be cleaned quickly. The food channel is able to be removed from the front so that it will be cleansed, which allows the other parts to do its job properly.

The bags can be cut directly by the sealer. The appliance will cut a clean line which will allow the food to be safely held and guaranteeing that the bag will be tight.

The Rival vacuum sealer can even be fitted to a wall or cabinet for ease of storage. This is convenient in that the sealer will occupy a measurably smaller space in your home.

The Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealer is inexpensive, too. Other comparable products can sell for more than $150. The Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealer, however, is unique. The Seal-A-Meal sells for about $100 American/$120 Canadian. Some stores can even sell it for below a hundred dollars during a sale. Also, refill rolls can cost about ten dollars.

Some added accessories can be used with the sealer too. An air hose for removing the air from the bags is offered as an accessory. Some accessories include containers to contain other parts in, and also to assist with storing extra amounts of sealer bags.

The Rival vacuum sealers is a method of food storage that should definitely be looked in to. This sealer is unmatched in keeping foods fresh and is simple to use and maintain. It is also not as pricey as other sealers. It is a great choice for a vacuum sealer.

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