Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Advanced Wellness Offer

By Linda Kemp

With the popularity of the acai berry growing each day and more and more people adding this incredible berry to their diet, the question of where this berry comes from and exactly what it is is starting to pop up more and more. Since this berry practically took the country by storm without having even been previously known, most people probably have no idea where exactly this supplement is from. The claims about the acai berry are pretty tremendous and people are really exclaiming about how it has helped with every conceivable health problem. What you may not realize is that the history of use of this berry goes way back and people have been using this berry for health and wellness purposes for centuries.

The acai berry is a small fruit that is found growing native only along the Amazon River in South America. The fruit itself is extremely small, about the size of a blueberry, yet it grows at the very top of the acai palm tree- a tree that can reach past seventy feet in height! Getting these coveted berries down to the ground has involved sending the best climbers up to these towering heights in order to harvest the berries. However, the long climb and what would seem like a nerve racking decent are well worth it. Natives to the regions where these berries can be found have used them as a food source and as a health aid for many thousands of years.

While native peoples have been using the acai berry for thousands of years, outside interest in this berry is relatively new. The fact that people from other regions are interested in procuring this berry and in paying for the privilege has made it possible for people living in the acai palm tree's growing regions to find a new source of income from the forest. This is a positive experience for both the native people selling the berries and the people who are able to finally get the health benefits that the acai berry allows.

Once the acai berry is picked from the tree, it starts perishing. This makes it essential for this berry to be free dried or otherwise processed as soon as possible. By processing this berry, all of the nutrients such as the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can be preserved and the full health value of the berry realized. For this reason, it is very important for anyone considering using this berry as a supplement to make sure that the product they choose is of the highest quality and retains full nutritive power. Processing of this berry also allows the concentration of the most nutritive parts of the berry, as much of the berry is actually inedible and must be separated and discarded.

The surging popularity of this berry is a good thing for the people who are starting to depend on this product as a source of income and for the people who are coming to depend on it as a healthful supplement that can improve well being. Here in this country, we are able to get high quality acai berry product, such as through Pure Acai Berry, which has all of the benefits that the people of South America have been enjoying for millenia. Pure Acai Berry is a completely pure product that contains only instantly preserved acai berry for the highest nutrition possible.

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