Friday, March 20, 2009

Small Kitchen Appliances: Small Electrical Kitchen Appliances and How they Revolutionized Cooking

By Little Known Food Facts

The equipment that allow us to cook entire meals or at least accent them with simple cooking uses. Do not get me wrong.

I have 6 Small Electric Kitchen appliances that are absolute must haves in my home.

Within 5 minutes you can have freshly made popcorn without all the preservatives!

Secondly I am all about the blender! This is such a useful tool that you can use it to make almost anything from gravies to drinks! I usually use mine if I need to make my own sauce for lasagna or fruit drink in the summer.

It is a quick clean and can be used year round!

The Toaster Oven: Now what an invention! You can cook almost anything in it and is great for small apartments that don't have stoves! You can use it to cook sandwiches (open faced are great in this), reheat food and more!

Open door, close door, start oven, open door remove food and eat!

The Indoor Grill: I love my George Foreman grill. Although I do not recommend making vegetables in it (they over cook and burn quickly) it is awesome for eating for a whole family and helps to have the fat drip off.

Mine comes with a bread warmer that comes in handy for hot pasta days!

The Slow Cooker: From lasagna to banana nut bread, it is so simple to make something to eat in a slow cooker. It allows for safe 'While You're Not Home' cooking and offers great meals in one pot!

Every kitchen should have these tools, just like they have a fridge or stove, and by having them will give you a chance to create almost any meal.

This is my list and I hope you have enjoyed it and have learned a bit about how we have altered the way we cook and how small kitchen appliances have allowed us to eat better and live longer!

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