Saturday, April 25, 2009

The beauty of chocolate cakes

By Jenna

For the longest time ever, chocolate cakes has been the favorite desserts amongst a lot of people especially chocolate-lovers. So, if you ever do a search on Google, you will find thousands of chocolate cake recipes to suit your every need for a nice home made chocolate cake.

The reason chocolate cakes are so favored is mainly it is a combination of fluffy cake and the rich aroma and flavors of cocoa. Even when we talk about chocolate cakes, there are a lot of different chocolate cakes one could make. There are several types of flourless chocolate cakes and maybe even hundreds of moist dark chocolate cakes. If you are on a diet, you can even indulge in some healthy version chocolate cakes that are low in calories and low fat.

Chocolate cakes are the best choice for any special occasion, be it a wedding, an anniversary or simply a gathering of friends. Nothing can go wrong with a nice, delicious slice of rich, tasty chocolate cake. Of course some people will say that cheese cakes are just as good but then this article is about chocolate cakes, so cheese cakes will be discussed in another article. To bake a chocolate cake is pretty simple because its recipe only contains chocolate, sugar, flour, eggs and butter. If you crave for thicker cakes, then leave out the flour and it will result in a dense and rich chocolate cake.

One of the best treat for a birthday celebration will have to be a chocolate cake made with Belgian chocolate and covered in rich chocolate frosting. However, as popular as chocolate cakes are, not everyone likes chocolates. Some people will avoid chocolate because they don't like the taste and some will avoid it because they thought it will ruin a strict diet and could cause one to put on weight.

Many people are not aware that chocolate cakes baked with high quality dark chocolate are quite good for health and not as bad as perceived. Dark chocolate, consumed moderately, is proven to have beneficial benefits such as for cardiovascular health. Granted, many chocolate cakes aren't exactly healthy because of the high sugar content but dark chocolate with less sugar are good for you.

If you want to have a piece of chocolate cake but are worried about the calorie-count or its healthiness, then make your own healthy low calorie cake. There are quite a lot of healthy and low calorie chocolate cake recipes, including from Weight Watchers, to try out as it contains less sugar or even sugar substitute and has more dark cocoa which is good for health. The advantage of these types of cakes is that it is healthy while at the same time, it tastes great!

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