Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making Chocolate and the Right Way to Market Your Biz

By Colin Joss

In this whole universe there is a next to impossiblity that there is a person who does not like chocolates as its a sweet that is being liked by each and every person around the globe and that is why its business has got such a boom. If you are known to the ways of making chocolates you can also earn profits.

Well marketing this treat is really very easy as you will find people who oves to have it every where. Now the thing you must emphasis on is how to do marketing that is most beneficial in your regard.

Great 4 Ps of every marketing:

Consider this strategy when you are on the planning stage of your sweets biz. If you are just starting out and just want to make extra income through the product that you will also enjoy, here's a brief explanation of this concept.


Your product is the first P. You need to know all about your product that is your chocolate. So you can explain your targeted market good things about your chocolate and how is it different from others.

It will be a good idea if you spend some time researching about the scientific and historical background of the treat. Focus on what you can and then what are you going to sell. You may focus on a specific type of chocolate.


Where are you located? Who lives in your neighborhood? And how often do you think they will buy? You have to think about those things to be able to plan out accordingly what will be a big hit for these people. You must give them what they are looking for. You must present them with new ideas that you are very sure that they will like.

It is a good thing that you are from the area. You no longer have to resort on hiring people to do a market analysis to know who these people are. Just spread your wings and increase your public relations. This will also increase the probability that these people are going to buy from you.


The price must not be set so high that most people will not buy it. To know the right price for you, you have to know about your competitors. For this you just have to buy their products and know the prices. Your strategies must be close to theirs. People look for products that are of good quality and not too expensive to buy.


Whatever your business is small or big, if you dont promote your business, you should not even expect your business will survive for a long time! For a wonderful beginning you can start promoting by the speaking yourself. To avail this, you must start with a good product. In beginning, give those all to the customers for few days. If you are sure and confident that the product what you are going to sell is good, people will also accept it surely. Your customers will be a wonderful source for your free advertising!

Make your name as a well know chocolate maker in the industry by taking interest in your biz and focus on generating reasonable profit by selling quality products. You not only have to stay in the competition but also make a good reputation so people will have trust on you and will look forward to your upcoming products as well. When you have the trust of general public, the market truly belongs to you. Keep coming up with different set of ideas. Give new tastes to the people by using your creativity effectively.

In time, you will find your niche. You never know, your hobby can turn into one money-making road to your own success.

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