Saturday, April 11, 2009

Simple Dinner Menus With Meatless Options

By Meshel Nosak

With the best of resources and a good idea of what for Veggie lover likes to eat, creating one family meal for everyone in the household is now an option. Using meat free substitutions when preparing your dinner menu's has never been easier.

I take my ideas for a simple dinner meal and give it some meat free appeal. There are so many meatless products on the market today that can give you the texture and taste of meat without the animal by-product.

When I grocery shop for 1 lb of meat the list will also include a meatless product like tofu. If I'm making hamburgers for dinner then I also purchase a package of veggie burgers.

Adjusting your meal planning for dinner to include meat free options can now be easy. If your looking for a new way to get your family to try new veggies then let me suggest preparing a meatless main dish for dinner and simply serve meat on the side if necessary. This is a great way to start eating healthier for everyone in the household not just the vegetarian.

This list gives you some simple meatless substitutions to use in some of the most popular traditional dinner meals:

BBQ Sandwiches - yep good 'old BBQ sandwiches are easy, cheap and can feed both kinds of eaters

*Meatless option - tofu fried

*Meat options - shredded chicken or beef

Homemade Pizza - I just love meal idea without meat but I'll include my families favorite toppings

*Veggie eater - mushrooms, green pepper, onions, olives and the list goes on and on

*Traditional Version - all the yummy veggies and ham, pepperoni and sausage

Family Spaghetti - a quick dinner idea for any household

*Meatless options - tons of veggies, a favorite sauce and don't skimp on the cheese

*Meat Options - add homemade meatballs to the meatless option

Hamburgers - the most popular all American dinner idea

*Meat free version - veggie burger from the store or a recipe using lentils instead of meat

*Meat eater - a regular hamburger patty cooked to perfection

A Pasta Dinner - a simple traditional family favorite meal and it's inexpensive

*Meat free version - choose your favorite noodle and sauce and load on the cheese

*Meat options - add some sausage and red sauce or chicken and white sauce to the noodle of your choice

These are just a few of the ideas you can use when creating one meal for 2 types of eaters. Don't be afraid to experiment with those family favorite meals, you never know it just might become the next great meals.

You have access to more meatless meal ideas that you know. The internet is a great place for vegetarian food tips. Read those cookbooks in the cupboard, see how simple it can be to create meat free versions of favorite recipes and finally Visit your local health food store for more meal ideas you can create without using meat.

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