Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Removing Red Wine Stains

By Kim Masters

A red wine stain on the brand new carpet? What can be done about this? When this happens, every thought will be running through your head. You see your friends coming in and seeing the big red stain on your carpet. Perhaps a repairer comes in and he can't help but notice it. You don't want people to walk into your house and think that you are clumsy, when it is a known fact that sometimes accidents happen.

Firstly, we have to clear up a rumor. There are much more effectives ways of removing the stain. One of these ways is to put ice on the area immediately after it happens. You should place it on the spill quickly so that the wine doesn't have time to soak in. Wait for the ice to melt about halfway and then clean the area with your standard rug cleaner.

The best solution to clear carpet stains will also work on table cloths, clothing and what ever surface which you might get a red wine stain on. It is easy to do, just take a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap and pour it or spray it on the stain. You can also substitute the soap for something like Woolite. Please take note that peroxide is a bleaching agent and it can bleach your clothes and carpet, so ensure that you test a small amount of the solution on an area before applying elsewhere.

If you're worried that the peroxide solution will bleach your carpet, then you can still rely on the ice remedy, but it is important that the ice remedy is used immediately after the spill, or the stain removal will not be successful. If it is not successful, make sure you are careful with the peroxide and soap solution.

If you're uncomfortable with a home solution, you may find carpet cleaner liquids that can clean your stains. Some of these liquids can be found at your local supermarket. You may also rent steam cleaning machines to clean the carpet and remove the stains. But if the stains are too severe, you may consider hiring a carpet cleaning service to clean the stains for you.

Carpet cleaning companies employ very effective ways to get rid of wine or any stains in your carpet. That is when you might as well have them do a complete service for all the upholstery in your house. But if you do not want to use these services, then you can clean off the stains yourself with items from your home. Just make sure when that glass is just crashing to the floor, that you have an ice cube and your carpet cleaner ready at hand. In other words, be prepared with ice and cleaner when red wine is being consumed near or on your carpets. Be even more prepared when everyone is situated around the coffee table.

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