Monday, April 20, 2009

Fast Diet

By Josh Dibbs

Almost everyone has tried a fast diet before.

Diets have been around forever and there are millions of them out there. The known best way to lose weight and prevent it from coming back is to do so naturally.

You might be tempted by surgery, weight loss pill and crazy supplements but those are temporary fixes to a permanent problem. To get the weight off and keep it off for good you need to do so by changing your lifestyle.

This isnt an overnight process but it is also not as long as some would like to believe. There are (2) two main ways to lose weight effectively, permanently, and naturally.

First is maintain a healthy diet and second is to form a properly organized exercise routine.

First we will start with how to eat healthy to lose weight. Water is more important than you might think in controlling weight gain. Water should be drunk regularly which helps hydrate your body while also keeping the stomach full to control appetite.

Also smaller meals must be eaten throughout the day especially if someone is trying to fast diet. Soda, fast foods, or anything that is high in calories or fat should be avoided.

Think of what you have eaten in the past 2 days, if you haven't had at least a serving of fruits and vegetable you are not eating a healthy diet. Also, make sure not to starve yourself because this will slow down your metabolism.

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