Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crafting as a Business

By Sive Iver

When we love what we are doing we start to think if creating a business from our hobby will be beneficial. A business or work is more fun and profitable when we enjoy and love what we are doing.

Knowing that we love what we are doing will help us decide that we can make a profit from it. Then we start asking a lot of questions like how much will it cost. How do I go about it? Where do I apply? These are some questions that we might ask.

When you are just starting your business it is advisable to have lesser investment costs. That is why it is better to search for craft show in you local area. Moving within you area will lessen your gas and time cost.

Once you get the schedule of craft shows and fair in you area, it would be good to distribute your goods to different location or show. Having different locations will hit more customers than just one show.

Knowing that spending less when you are starting a business will help you create a budget that you can work around. Fit your booth rent, application fees, gas and other expenses within the budget that you have set. Less cost in the beginning will make it easier to break even in the end.

We plan to go to as much location and shows around our area to hit more customers. When we do this we have to keep in mind to have uniform prices from one show to another. Having uniform prices makes us trust worthy and shows our customers that we are the ones making our products.

Do research and more research about the business that you will start up. Having as much information that you can gather can give you more guidelines to making your business successful. Gather data not only about the financial benefits or needs of your business but also who your potential customers will be.

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