Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Rapid Weight Loss Tips - Don't Believe the Hype

By Peggy Armstrong

Have you ever noticed that some of the most popular free rapid weight loss tips are not free at all?

When people are looking for free rapid weight loss tips they will usually look to the things that they refer to most often. For most people this is either the television or the newspaper.

But often times these flashy ads that promise free rapid weight loss tips are not being straight with us. What they are really offering are a bunch of cleverly constructed marketing campaigns dressed up as free weight loss advice.

You have to be sure that even the most seemingly credible testimonials aren't being paid a load of money to promote a certain product. Restaurants are sometimes guilty of this, they pay someone who has lost a lot of weight recently to say that it was their product, food, or service that gave them such spectacular results.

This average Joe then goes on a whirlwind tour telling every form of media that will listen that they lost all their weight just from eating a certain kind of sandwich or something.

But savvy marketers know, more often than not, what is not mentioned is the amount of exercise that person had to also do to get the kind of results being touted all over town.

So despite what you've heard, if you're looking for free rapid weight loss tips then don't be fooled. You will need to do more than just eat a load of fat free sub sandwiches to get the kind of results you're after.

Don't believe that water is your golden ticket to weight loss heaven either I'm afraid.

Free rapid weight loss tips are often provided by companies that are just trying to sell more of their stuff. And the rumour that water will make you lose all the weight you want was of course started by all the bottle water companies trying to sell more.

Drinking water will help you lose the water weight you gain from drinking all that water if that makes any sense at all.

Everyone Wants A Piece Of The Action

In the end when it comes to free rapid weight loss tips you have to do what is best for you.

Sporting goods companies will tell you that more exercise is the way to go because that means you will buy more equipment.

Farmers markets will tell you to eat your 5 a day to lose weight quickly so they can sell you more fruit - it's pretty obvious.

So check with your doctor if someone tries to give you free rapid weight loss tips that you are a little concerned about as they will give you the straight dope.

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