Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Use These Simple SEO Tricks

By Hass67

Search engine optimization (SEO) is usually portrayed as technical and complex by most internet marketing gurus. There are many very simple SEO tricks that can help you get good ranking for a blog post.

Google gets a lot of daily searches and if that keyword has around 50+ searches daily that means traffic to your blog as long as your post has the ranking. You can get a lot of traffic to your blog if you use these tricks to rank a number of blog posts.

These tricks will only work if your blog has more than 50 posts. Post at least once on your blog. Once your blog has more than 50 posts, Google will start considering you a serious blog. Always try to post interesting and entertaining stuff on your blog.

Google is in love with blogs. Blogs give Google lots of fresh content. Blog posts get indexed on Google much faster than webpages. I have seen that Google indexes my blog post within five minutes. The reason, I post at least once every day.

Choose a keyword that you want to get your blog post ranked before writing the post. It is very important that you use that keyword in the title of that post.

You should use that keyword within the first 25 words in the first sentence. Use the keyword as close to the beginning in the post as possible. Use the keyword in a natural manner in the content of the post but not more than 4%.

Try to include three or four links in the post containing the keyword solely. Give emphasis by bolding the link. The URL of that post should also contain the keyword as an extension like http:// www.Yourdomain.com/keyword. Both wordpress and blogger allow you to do this.

In Blogger, you should know that once you have published the post, you cannot change the URL. Blogger chooses the first few sentences from the title to include in the URL. So you should publish the post with only the keyword in the title. Afterwards you can always change the title again if you want but it should still contain the keyword.

If you do all these things that dont take more than ten minutes of your time you are telling Google; hey, this is the keyword for this particular post. You can use these very simple tactics to get your blog posts top ranking for keywords having 100,000 to 1000,000 competing webpages.

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