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Green tea weight loss and health

By Foong

One of the healthiest drinks you should have at home is green tea. Although it may seem that all this hype about the benefits of green tea may seem to be just hype only, it is not because green tea is really healthy. There is a reason why this ancient Japanese tea has survived for centuries especially when it is one of the best kept health secrets of the Japanese. It seems that in recent times, research has shown that green tea is also good for weight loss, not only for health.

Green tea and weight loss are now synonymous. This miracle drink's weight loss benefits have been touted so much as being effective and good. So, anyone who is on a diet will surely add green tea into their list of drinks. That's not all, a lot of weight loss programs and diet plans have also incorporated green tea as one of the major beverage in the programs. It is better for you to be drinking green tea for weight loss than merely guzzling down plain water.

Green tea has become so popular in recent times because of its wonderful nutrients consisting of anti-oxidants and fat fighting agents. One of the easier and better ways to lose weight is to drink green tea daily. For those who balk at drinking the plain green tea, day in day out, be assured that there are now plenty of different flavored green tea to try out. Here are some of the benefits of green tea and why you should add it to your daily diet:

1.Green tea revs up your metabolic rate studies conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have shown that green tea extract could increase your metabolic rate by 4%. This is attributable to the catechin polyphenols found in the green tea.

2.Green tea blocks fat by regulating your blood glucose level. The same catechin also work to stop fat being absorbed by your body by slowing down the increase in blood sugar level after a meal, reduce insulin spikes and this work to reduce fat absorption.

3. Green tea also works to suppress your appetite just because it keeps your sugar level steady. With it regulating your sugar level, your sugar cravings are less and thus, you won't feel the urge to eat high fat and sweet food. You will also have less appetite which will result in you eating less. When you eat less, that means, less calories and ultimately, you lose weight.

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  1. I guess the right tea aloe probably cant help anyone loose all that weight but as a part of your over all weight loss activities it might be quiet helpful.