Sunday, February 22, 2009

Acai Berry Side Effects

By B. Moffett

Acai berries are small fruits found primarily in Brazil. It has been a staple of the South American diet for hundreds of years, however traces of its use have been found in ancient medical records from numerous ancient civilizations.

The popularity of the Acai berry fruit as a key source of anti-oxidants, and its importance as a beneficial food supplement has seen a meteoric rise in only the last few years, greatly aided by adoption by top nutritionists and diet experts.

The increased demand has turned the acai berry into quite the cash crop and led to a drastic increase in farmers planting the powerful anti-oxidant fruit.

Adoption in the US in bars and restaurants as a preferred alternative to wheat grass drinks have given the Acai berry fruit as the choice of health conscious connoisseurs. There are a lot of medicinal benefits of this tasty fruit, some of which are:

has even been reported to act as an aphrodisiac

Increased stamina and energy

Reduction in fatigue and soreness

It helps support the immune system and fight disease.

It helps improve digestive functions.

Suppressing the appetite (helping with weight loss)

The fruit is armed with many more health benefits. The side effects of the Acai berry arent as evident as other fruits. Infact, the side effects of this fruit are very few and hardly noticeable.

Naturally, the acai berry side effect that is most often cited is the loss of appetite. While this may sound unpleasant to some, consider for a moment that there are several pills and medications out with the sole purpose of acting as an appetite suppressant. And, unlike medications, the berry doesnt harm the liver or kidneys, quite the opposite in fact. Since the berry is so high in fiber, acai berry juices or drinks help cleanse the body of harmful toxins and other substances.

That appetite suppression side effect means that you get healthy, and you get trim, without having to jump on some fad diet that may or may not work out properly for you. This side effect is not that common and varies from person to person, with every individual reacting differently to this revolutionary fruit. If we compare the beneficial health effects of the acai berry fruit, and the side effects, we find that the pros far outnumber the cons. We can safely conclude that the acai berry fruit is the food supplement that should be a component of every healthy household.

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