Sunday, February 8, 2009

Choosing the Right Pan For Your Cooking

By Adam Rahim

Preparing Food aided by the All-Clad copper core collection of kitchenware is a treat you will cherish. This kitchenware set, with a mirror finish exterior and accented by a band of copper looks very striking. Its performance is also unparallel. All-Clad is a premium kitchenware producer that is established for generations. It has an international reputation and its goods are appreciated for their celebrated performance. A great option within this line is the All-Clad Copper Core 10-inch Fry Pan.

At first, the All-Clad copper cookware was intended for professional chefs although today it has countless devotees in the home cuisine demographic also. This manufacturer is in the company of the top makers of cookware on the planet and has retained its position as a standard for the past four decades. There seems to be no other splendid blend of good looks and utility other than the All-Clad line of kitchenware.

The most important attribute of the All-Clad pots and pans is the copper core, which can be an effective conductor of heat, so you can cook food swiftly in these pots and pans. Additionally, the heat is evenly distributed on the entire cooking surface - even the sides. You consume less fuel, and the food thus cooked is often tastier and better for you.

The stainless steel nonstick cooking surface guarantees easy cleaning. The All-Clad copper core products feature a 5-ply bonding that is a unique trademark of the copper kitchenware of this company. You cannot expect to find such craftsmanship in any of the competing kitchenware designed by other companies. Because of this, the products of this manufacturer have been used in a large portion of the more elegant culinary establishments of the world.

The stainless steel inside the pans is classified as food grade and you should never worry about any impurities on the surface of the cookware contaminating the food while being cooked. Most of the kitchenware produced by other companies runs the risk of being contaminated with substances that may actually become part of the cooking ingredients at high temperatures. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to cleanse the inside and outside of new cookware thoroughly many times before cooking with it for the first time. The first bit of food prepared in the kitchenware may be discarded. You can easily see the detailing of the copper core. Besides this type, you should also look into the All-Clad Stainless 10-inch Nonstick Fry Pan.

The collection comes with durable stainless steel holders that are designed to give you a steady control of the kitchenware even when it is particularly hot. The handle is solidly connected to the bowl of the kitchenware and it will not sever easily. Customarily, All-Clad products are intended for industrial applications. It is very solid and is rather costly. This is the reason the bulk of the amateur cooks are not able to afford it, although they may want to possess it.

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