Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cooking Chicken Curry the Authentic Way

By KC Kudra

Chicken curry, or curry chicken, is a much-loved dish all over the world and is a great way to use boneless chicken. There are lots of different kinds of chicken curry dishes including Indian curry, Thai curry, Chinese curry and more. Curry can be a lot of fun to experiment with and you can vary the balance of spices or try different spices. You can use different meats or vegetables or add fruit and nuts if you want.

Different Types of Curry Recipes

Curry is different wherever you go. In Indian cuisine, for example, a curry is a dish with the consistency of soup. It is made with chickpea flour, spices, yogurt, and clarified butter. In Thailand the word curry refers to meat, fish or vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce.

Different regions use different ingredients in their curry recipes. Tamil curry is a combination of shallow fried meat or fish and vegetables cooked with a selection of dry spices. Punjabi curry uses wheat instead of rice and has a lot of butter and cream. A Malaysian curry will have coconut milk and bay leaves.

Some curry powder mixes contain turmeric, which makes the curry yellow. Pepper, coriander, ginger, tamarind, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, garlic, chilies, and nutmeg are also popular curry recipe ingredients. Indian and Thai curries can be green, yellow, or red. Green curries are made from green chilies, red chilies are made from red chilies and yellow curries are made mainly with turmeric and cumin but might contain hot peppers or pepper flakes as well.

Some chicken curries can be described as fruity, others might spicy, and some are hot enough to almost blow the top of your head off! Nevertheless, how do you go about transforming some boneless chicken, vegetables and spices into the perfect curry?

Cooking Chicken Curry Tips

Always use authentic curry spices instead of readymade powders and pastes if you want your chicken to taste authentic. You can find curry ingredients in large grocery stores or Asian grocery stores and spices are inexpensive.

Feel free to experiment with curries. Curry has been experimented with throughout history and it is a good idea to become familiar with spices so you can make your own tasty curry recipes. In addition, if you run out of a spice, you will know which other spice is similar in aroma and flavor.

Curry is usually served with rice but you can serve it with Indian bread such as roti or naan or with Indian spiced potatoes if you want a change. You can also make a dry curry coating for a boneless chicken recipe rather than a curry sauce. Then you can eat the curried chicken cold the next day or use it for a packed lunch or picnic. No wonder curry is loved all over the world. Its great flavor and versatility make curry a surefire winner.

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