Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Portion Control After Bariatric Surgery

By Patty Cocchiarella

Weight loss is something that many people are doing and sometimes this means that a surgical procedure is needed. There are two processes for surgery. One is the Roux-en-Y which is another term for the full Gastric Bypass surgery or the Lap-Band procedure that is so widely publicized. In both procedures there comes a time when they must control their portions in order to lose weight.

The individual who has the Roux-en-Y often has the most problems because they may have been used to eating larger portions. They are restricted now to a much smaller amount than they are used to and it can be challenging trying to understand the type of portion they need to do.

The first few weeks to a month are not the problem because the individual will be on liquids first , then pureed food. This gives the pouch time to heal and helps them start getting used to the pouch, how much it holds and so forth. They will not have challenges probably until they start eating solid food.

When they are in the hospital they receive measuring cups and once they get to more solid food they can only eat 4 ounces at each meal. The measuring cups are the exact measure but people have a tendency to over fill the cup because they are not exactly sure how to visualize "enough."

Many bariatric patients will experience dumping which means they vomit because they have eaten too much and the pouch fills to over flow and the extra has to come out. Because they are unsure of adjusting their portions they can have this happen frequently until they get used to the portions.

Once an individual gets through the first month or so of eating they can go to solid foods. This creates another difficulty because they are to stick within the guidelines of the four ounces which causes a problem again.

We have found a great idea to help people who need to see their portions measured accurately--it is called a Meal Measure. It creates a stronger visual image for people to see the exact portions that they need.

Knowing the right portion to use is important when you want to lose weight or keep your diabetes under control. It makes good sense to make sure that you can do the best for yourself when you are attempting to lose weight and get into a different routine with your eating now.

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