Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wedding Weight Loss, Do's and Dont's

By Ricardo d Argence

A wedding is the happiest day of many people's lives and they are joyful through every minute of it. Perfecting every detail and obsessing about how they will fit into their clothes can cause a great deal of stress.

You will want to look the best you possibly can for an important date such as a wedding. In fact, getting healthy can actually take away some of the stress that you have,and there's nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy on your wedding day. There are appropriate ways to lose weight, and things you shouldn't do as well.

You will be stressed if you try to lose weight before your wedding. Try to set realistic goals that you can accomplish. That way you can reach your goal to lose that weight in a healthy manner. You may achieve this if you consult with a physician and talk about your current weight, how many pounds you wish to eliminate, and how much time you have left until your wedding. Consult with your physician to set realistic and healthy weightloss goals that you can achieve in a healthy manner.

Don't starve yourself in the weeks leading up to the wedding in order to lose those last few pounds. You are already going to be stressed out enough, so not eating is going to make it even worse. You'll be crabby and worse, you'll be unhealthy. This will open up your body to the possibility of getting sick, and chances are good that it will happen right as you are about to take those vows.

Try to be consistent in your portions - you shouldn't overeat, nor should you undereat. Stay the course by eating regular portioned meals and try to divert your nervousness into positive energy you can use to exercise.

When you are trying to get in shape for a wedding, do exercise. You probably already have all of that nervous energy, so put it to good use and keep moving. Working out with your spouse to be can be a great way for you to keep doing things together, and if you do something like ballroom dancing lessons, you'll get in better shape and you'll also be doing something productive for the wedding as well.

When dealing with food, find a good healthy balance. Eating healthy is an excellent concept, but it doesn't exclude tasting your wedding cake. Enjoy those snacks at your bridal parties, and have those drinks with your girlfriends as you do your last night out. The most important thing about your wedding day is that you are both happy and healthy.

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