Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Surprise Someone with a Smoked Salmon Gift

By Sherry Shantel

For the holidays, it's likely that you're planning on sending gift baskets to at least some of your friends. They're a great, fast option to give them what they want, without spending a lot of money. But this year, instead of sending the same old English muffin basket, why don't you surprise them?

Smoked salmon gift baskets are an especially elegant way to wow your friends and family. Classy and upscale, salmon has become a staple of many a Christmas morning breakfast. By the time you've bought everything you'll need to complement your salmon though, money can start to be an issue, not to mention the extra trip to the grocery store you would have to make.

So what could be better than waking up to a buffet of smoked salmon, and all of the gourmet products which can accompany it? Add an assortment of bagels, cream cheese, and capers, needs to make any smoked salmon bagel as truly amazing as it can be, and you have got an excellent breakfast or brunch for the family.

I know that this sounds good, but it does leave the question of how to pull it all off. With a smoked salmon gift basket, of course. It's a must have Christmas gift, better than cookies or popcorn. And there are many different options for customization. Salmon, of course, is the staple, but there are many other pieces to the basket for you to choose, tailored to the likes and dislikes of anyone.

First, there's the choice of salmon. You can choose Alaskan smoked salmon, with it's rich color and amazing taste. Or, if your friends enjoy natural and organic products, you could choose natural smoked salmon. Or you could combine the two, so there will be a salmon choice for all.

The choice of bagel is just as important. Wheat and white and whole grain, oh my! Pick the bagel that you like the best, and that you feel will best match the taste of your salmon, and the tastes of your friends. But don't even think that's your last choice.

How about the cream cheese, which is essential to an excellent smoked salmon gift basket. If your friends are health concious, go with low fat. If not, classic, regular cream cheese is a great option. And if you're feeling the need for some added flair, whipped and flavored cream cheese is a tasty treat. Capers also add an unexpected kick to your salmon.

This year, gift a truly original gift basket, smoked salmon! A smoked salmon gift basket, with it's bagels, cream cheese, and more, will be the hit of any holiday bash. It will be a surprise, and a great tasting one!

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