Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Light And Dark Roasted Beans Are Used To Prepare Espresso

By Chester Ebenhart

These days, with high-end and exclusive coffee shops on every corner, espresso beverages are more popular than ever before. What is espresso? It appears to be a necessity for everyone on earth, particularly in the morning. Do you know about coffee beans? Espresso is an Italian word that roughly describes a coffee beverage prepared specially, or expressly, for you. Espresso drinks are brewed with a pump or lever that pushes down on the coffee beans.

The fact that the entire world loves the drink and uses what they term espresso coffee beans to make the drink, does not negate the straight fact that any coffee bean may be roasted to make espresso. This means that light and dark roasted beans are used to prepare espresso. Some regional preferences worth noting about espresso is that espresso beverages on the west coast are created with dark roasted coffee beans. These coffee lovers have traditionally termed these beans as French roast. East coast espresso drinkers prefer theirs' made with a light roasted bean. Italians always use a medium roast bean for their espresso.

Espresso Machines Genuine espresso machines produce a minimum pressure of one hundred and thirty five pounds per square inch. This is enough hot water pressure to force through a dense mass of compacted ground coffee. The entire process ought to be finished in less than 30 seconds. In addition, steam pressure units yield only 50 pounds of pressure per square inch and that is why Italians do not think of these machines as real espresso coffee makers.

Espresso coffee is brewed with a genuine espresso maker using roughly a tablespoon of super finely ground coffee beans and gives you a one to two ounce shot. A top quality espresso beverage will have a rich layer of dark foam across the surface. Every Italian with this coffee drink looks for the foam as a measure of its quality

How to Drink Italians especially seem to have formed a strong attachment to espresso. This is especially true of those actually living in Italy. They view it as a social drink, a custom, as you chat with a neighbor at the local coffee bar. It appears that the whole world is beginning to agree about this terrific beverage and that marvelous coffee comes from Italy.

I must tell you however that there is a specific method to drinking your espresso. The Italian method of drinking the beverage is as follows. Take the cup up to your nose and inhale the aroma of the freshly brewed espresso. Sniff it - as you would a fine wine before drinking it. Now you drink the entire four or five successive swallows quickly while it is still hot. 'Tap' the empty cup back into the saucer, and you're good to go.

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