Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Advance Wellness Research Promotional Offer

By Linda Kemp

There are a number of different health issues that can befall you over the course of your life. Some of these can be accidents while others can be disease conditions that occur because of the passage of time. Of course there's also the issue of wear and tear on your body. Having said all of that, there is one simple way that you can minimize the effect that all of these conditions will have on you over the course of your life: taking Pure Acai Berry every day!

Pure Acai Berry concentrates all of the goodness of the fruit of the acai palm of the Amazonian river basin into an affordable, easy to take, and highly effective nutritional supplement! With this one product you can guarantee that your body will have all of the nutrition that it needs in order to maintain itself and stave off illness.

One great example of the efficacy of the acai berry is the effect that it has on the human circulatory system. The fact of the matter is that over the course of our lives our circulatory systems become weaker and more apt to give us trouble. This is evidenced by the increase in blood pressure that often occurs as we approach and move beyond middle age. The fact that we're more likely to suffer strokes and heart attacks are also evidence of this tendency. There are a number of different factors that contribute to this happening. For one thing, the walls of the blood vessels become less elastic as we age. That, and the weakening of the heart muscle is caused by free radicals damaging those tissues. Another factor is the build up of cholesterol and plaque on the insides of the blood vessels. All of these things make the circulatory system function less effectively than it should. The short term symptoms of these problems include higher blood pressure and a decrease in energy and the longer term symptoms include a greater risk of stroke and heart attack!

The acai berry actually improves the condition of the human cardiovascular system by clearing the deposits out of the blood vessels and rejuvenating the tissues of the heart and blood vessels! Powerful antioxidants neutralize the free radicals that damage cardiac and blood vessel tissues while the minerals present in the acai berry help those tissues to recover to their youthful vigor. At the same time, the soluble fiber of the acai berry will cleanse that cholesterol and plaque out of the blood vessels! The result of all of this is lower blood pressure, a stronger heart, and more energy!

The acai berry, in the form of Pure Acai Berry, will also help your body to flush various kinds of contaminants. The main way in which it does this is by improving the functioning of the kidneys as well as the liver. That allows them to scrub the blood clean of toxins and contaminants. It's especially good for scouring out the things that the soluble fiber frees from the walls of the blood vessels!

When you combine these positive benefits of the acai berry with all of the other things that it does you can see why it's so valuable! After all, with improved memory, increased virility, greater resistance to illness, and quickened recovery from injury; you can see the value of using Pure Acai Berry!

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