Friday, February 6, 2009

Live Lobsters at a Great Price Online!

By Shannon Linnen

Entertaining during the holidays, or any other time of the year, can be stressful. It's difficult the take time out of your busy work and family schedule to try to play the consummate hostess, especially when there is so much to plan. And with money tight for everyone this year, you'd love to save some money, but probably don't feel like you have the time to hunt for bargains. So why not relax, stop stressing about the party, and take the worry out of dinner by ordering live lobsters to steam as the meal?

You may think that live lobster is a crazy suggestion. How could you possibly have the time to go find lobsters for everyone, bring them home, try to keep them alive and steam them all before the party! Isn't that more work? And what about the expense? In the days before the internet, this would have been a valid concern, but in this age of easy internet shopping, you can save time and money by ordering live lobster online without ever leaving home!

Now that the internet age is upon us, it's fast and easy to order live lobsters online! You may have been thinking you'd have to drive from store to store, hoping you could find enough lobsters to feed everyone, and that those you have found wouldn't freeze in your car, but no more. All you'll need to do is choose what size lobster you'd like, and you'll be getting fresh and delicious lobsters caught the day before. It's much less work for much tastier lobster for your holiday gathering!

How do these fresh live lobsters get to you so quickly and stay so fresh? It's easy. Instead of coming to a local store through suppliers, something that can take up to a week at a time, you are getting your lobsters directly from the fisherman. This means that you're getting the best quality lobsters there are, and there's no waiting time, since the lobsters are shipped directly to you. This means that you're getting fresh and succulent lobster, without waiting for the middleman!

Ordering live lobsters is rewarding for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is the price! As you may have heard, the price of lobster has recently dropped to record lows. But you may not know that from visiting your local grocery store. The best way to find a good price is to order online. When you buy at a store, you're not only paying the fee of the supplier, you're also paying the other fees of the sore. By buying online, all of your price is going straight to the fisherman, meaning a great deal for you, and maybe even more lobsters!

Now more than ever is the time to order live lobsters online. They'll be a fresh new take on your holiday meal, and you can save money and time! So why not impress your guests, and take the guess work out of dinner by ordering lobsters!

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